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WorldConnX Web Hosting
Fast     *     Secure     *     Affordable

Why host your site with WorldConnX? Because you deserve the best and...

Because you will receive:

  • Quick Load Time - Creating a web site is costly and time consuming. Don't let all that time and money be wasted on slow loading web pages. WorldConnX provides secure servers that won't be overloaded and therefore allows a quick load time of your pages. Since we also are an Internet provider, we have the experience to manage bandwidth and the capacity to handle your web site's traffic.
  • Capacity to Grow - WorldConnX offers 500+ megabytes storage space for your web site, allowing you the ability to continue to grow. This is more than twice as much as other providers!
  • Real Time Statistics - An up to date extensive report of traffic to your site is available at any time including resources accessed, visitor information and demographics, activity statistics, technical statistics and more. This is an extremely helpful tool in assisting you to market your site. It allows you to immediately determine if your advertising efforts are working.
  • Secure Site - WorldConnX does not take security lightly and has tested and retested to make sure our servers are as secure as possible. Servers are not only located in a separate locked room with atmospheric control, but are also protected with the latest technology in firewalls.
  • Redundant Sync Servers - WorldConnX has power back ups and server collocations that take over in case of a catastrophic failure. If there is a loss of electrical power, your web site is still up and running and available on the web for others to access.
  • Affordable Membership Plans - Whether you have a small personal site or a large retail site, we have an affordable plan for you.
Services Basic Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Monthly Rate $25 $50 $75
Web space 500 megabytes 700 megabytes 1000 megabytes
Bandwidth* 5GB 7GB 10GB
Email Accounts 5 10 20
Email Aliases 20 per domain 20 per domain 20 per domain
Email Lists (Optional) $10 per month per list 1 FREE list 5 FREE lists
Mail Storage Space 10 megabytes 20 megabytes 30 megabytes
Virus/Spam Protection FREE! FREE! FREE!
Real Time Statistics FREE! FREE! FREE!
Secure Certificate** $15 per month $10 per month FREE!
Search Engine Submission $50 FREE! FREE!
Domain Name Registration $25 FREE*** FREE***
Domain Transfer $60 $60 FREE!

* For bandwidth used over the plan amount there will be a charge per month of $5 per 1GB or increment thereof. For storage used over the plan amount there will be a charge per month of $5 per 100 Megs of storage space or increment thereof.
** This is a shared certificate. If you would like your own certificate, please call for details.
*** Free with one-year web hosting commitment.
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