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First WorldConnX tower at Titusville Opportunity Park

Wireless Broadband
Internet Access Pricing

Installation includes radio equipment and antenna, router firewall, cable, lightning arrestor and installation. We must do a site survey in advance to determine available speeds.

Speed Monthly Rates
Residential $49.95
Small Business $59.95
Medium Business $69.95
Commercial $79.95
Med. Commercial $99.95
One time setup / lease fee of $250

If your location requires a high-powered radio, the one time set up fee will increase by $300.

* Customers have the option of purchasing the wireless equipment or leasing it from WorldConnX.

If you choose to purchase the equipment, you will be required to pay the cost of the equipment up front, which varies from $700 to $1500 and an installation fee of $50 to $200 depending on the complexity of the location and time required. You will be responsible for replacement should it become damaged (by lightening for example) or the system is upgraded to newer type of equipment. You will also be responsible for bringing in the radio to be upgraded in order to interface properly with our equipment.

If you accept the lease option, there is a one-time lease and installation fee of $150 to $650. The installation includes the time spent programming the equipment off site, the actually installation of the equipment on site and cables from your computer to the radio and antenna. Additional cables and equipment required for internal networking will be extra.

WorldConnX feels it is more beneficial to the customer and to us, if you lease the equipment, therefore giving us the opportunity to continually upgrade the radio in order to provide the best connection possible. It also allows us to keep our customers online by replacing damaged equipment in a timely manner.

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